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To my kids I’ve always said, and continue to explain, that inside most businesses is a team of people who hope they are doing the right thing, and who like to make their share of money so they can have a good life and feed their own family just like us, and we love all these people and care about them. But, sometimes, some people donʼt know how to look after their body and donʼt realise that their business is not helping the world.

Once my kids heard me openly and passionately question businesses on their marketing, they discovered it was fun to do the same. I urge you to be transparent with your kids, also. Let them know that there are real people out there creating food products, building big businesses, but sometimes they just simply don’t know the difference between real food and fake food, and sometimes don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

From 3-4 years old, my children shared the mindset with me that if youʼre going to BE in business, do the right thing. And people shouldnʼt buy from businesses that arenʼt doing good things.

You can read more about this in Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food.

Joanna Becker, Author and Wellness Medium

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