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A very rainy Christmas 2020 at the Brindabella Homestead

Join me, Joanna Becker, at the Brindabella Homestead on what has been a very rainy Christmas.

It’s summer, and this summer, it’s raining. It’s been raining for 2 weeks almost, everything is green again, the water is flowing, the plants are all growing, and I don’t even need to wash my own herbs or vegetables because everything has had a bath in the most beautiful rainwater.

And the kids love exploring with grass that is soaking wet. Wetting their feet, dirt between the toes, so many caterpillars, butterflies everywhere, frogs everywhere on the leaves, it is such a beautiful thing to experience.

It is so nice to come outside; we have spent a lot of time inside cooking, crafting, putting up the Christmas decorations, and a lot of time cleaning, too.

I have had such a nice relaxing, nurturing time drying herbs, drying flower petals, with a view of making my own special tea blends, including this Home grown organic hibiscus flower tea.

My favorite dehydrator can be purchased here.

See you again soon,

Joanna Becker

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