Conscious Life Creation with Self-Study

The evolved workplace promotes you … now. Right now.

Together, we rise.

Have you read any books in your life recently – or maybe a long time ago – that explained a secret to how the world will finally increase its vibration? This world will be a place where we are each living in our full creative expression, powered by our own light and love energy body, and manifesting everything we desire using the power of our intention and focus on synchronicities. For each question we ask, the answer will arrive – that is the secret. But how do we get there?

These same books, and the “prophets” who write them – know that the formula is really quite simple. It is an individual journey. One where each woman on our planet turns her attention, her love, her respect, and her devotion, to herself. A personal mindset when we realize that we each have the answers within our very own soul, body, mind, and heart. A personal mindset where we give ourselves permission to choose actions and goals that aligns with our birth purpose and soul’s expression.

If you, like me, have felt this to be true in your heart, then you will already be feeling like ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT. That you are also able to explore a world of possibilities and potential, limitless only by your imagination.

And so we wonder, if we know this already, then why are we sitting on the sidelines? Afraid to try manifesting, afraid to try casting out a bigger vision than we even thought possible, and afraid to take steps in the way of formulated action to make these visions transform into physical reality right before our eyes?

Is it because we let others tell us what we are worth, and what we are capable of, and what is really possible? Why do we let other people have more authority over our experiences and beliefs and understanding of life, than ourselves? What makes them more worthy?

If these questions are pressing in your mind and you also know the truth, and want to be surrounded by a community of likeminded women who feel this to be true and they love to speak these concepts every day in the workplace, then come along and join us.

Unlike a traditional linear workplace, where you will go in for orientation, training, and after a few promotions then you will be encouraged to start recruiting and training, we SEE YOU for the gorgeous possibility of wonder that you already are. We are ready to empower you with the skills, tools and power needed to launch your creative workspace and train others how to do the very same thing, using the methods and formulas passed down from a network of super successful, creative entrepreneurs, who have walked this road before us. We are ready to say, YOU”RE READY FOR THIS”, and WE SEE YOU, well before any manager in a traditional business setting would.

So why waste time returning to work and waiting for a manager to promote you, when we’re ready to promote you right now? If you’re reading this and you understand this message, you are the person we are looking for in our creative team of hot, fired-up soul-inspired women who are crafting a life by design from a place of knowingness that WE are the answer, WE are the truth, WE are the light. And from this place of self resolve, self-love, self-contentment, and self satisfaction, we invite you to raise your vibration, and encourage more women to do the same.


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Day by day we aim to repair our bodies and have trust, faith and optimism for the future. You can join me as I walk to wellness in the private facebook group Joanna Haley Homestead (Journey to Wellness)

Joanna Haley, Author

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