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“Open Up A Little”

“Open up a little” Perhaps I misunderstood what it meant to open up a little, and it started in my younger years. As a very shy and quiet young girl, the words were used to encourage me to say something out loud. To do something, be something, join in the party. When they were said,… Continue reading “Open Up A Little”

You're Invited

March Connection!

Just a little something to say thank you for being amazing and taking care of your body. Putting your health and vitality first is not always easy to do, and I honour you for your commitment to your healthy body and mind. If you haven't yet tried one of our Vegan whole food powders that… Continue reading March Connection!

You're Invited

Make-up-free May

Last year I had an adventure of sorts - an internal adventure. I survived one whole month without a smudge or spot of make-up. Going without cosmetics for a month was a true challenge for me. This career-girl turned new mum, who was so accustomed to dressing up at the start of every day, now had… Continue reading Make-up-free May

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We’re only human? No, we’re better than that.

One thing we all need to deal with occasionally is the insecurity we have as a result of a particular childhood or teenage experience. There's one lesson I learned today from battling with my insecurity and it's this: No matter what happened in my childhood that affected me, helped create the belief systems I have… Continue reading We’re only human? No, we’re better than that.