Family Friendly Food Ideas

Chai Aromatic Risotto

Earlier today I posted a DIY recipe for home-brewed Chai latte. Check it out here. One of the best things about this recipe is all the decadent flavoring leftover from blending and stewing spices. These spices can all be used again to make a savory dish, such as a curry, or as we have done… Continue reading Chai Aromatic Risotto

Family Friendly Food Ideas

Home-made Chai

Here is how to make an easy Chai Latte at home. You will need: Black / Green tea (optional) Water Cinnamon Star Anise Cardamom Ginger Nutmeg Cloves Black pepper Bay leaves Directions: 1. Add ingredients to a tea pot or coffee plunger or a small saucepan. The spices above are listed in order of quantity.… Continue reading Home-made Chai

Family Friendly Food Ideas

Memories of coloured sand in a bottle inspired this cereal

Happy memories of layering coloured sands in a bottle? Re-create the experience with wholesome ingredients for breakfast cereal. This is a really fun activity and is another way to make breakfast exciting. We have here: Rice bran flakes Goji Berries Puffed millet Desiccated coconut Linseed with Cranberries LSA (Linseed, Sunflower, Almonds) Dehydrated Banana Sultanas Puffed… Continue reading Memories of coloured sand in a bottle inspired this cereal

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Life Foods: Healthy Food at home equals healthy kids

We are having great success with our Food-Life-Fun game at home - and in case you missed it, here are the details. This game will suit you if you are enthusiastic and committed to making sure your kids only eat real, healthy, beneficial food. Why we created this game? 1. We are passionate about creating… Continue reading Life Foods: Healthy Food at home equals healthy kids

Family Friendly Food Ideas

Snow Pea and Soy Udon

My DS (currently 3.5 years) and I have a fun ritual of cooking and eating together every lunchtime - and making a real activity out of it. There are so many learning benefits to this activity such as encouraging creativity, following instructions, sharing ideas, using teamwork, and asking for help. Emotionally, it provides togetherness and… Continue reading Snow Pea and Soy Udon

Family Friendly Food Ideas

Spring Onion Broth with Asian Salad

This soup is a fantastic hot dish year-round. Who doesn't love a spicy broth full of Asian flavours and fresh seasonal ingredients. This was a real winner with 3yo DS - plenty of yummy favourite finger foods with slurpy udon noodles buried beneath. You will need: FOR COOKING - 1 medium brown onion - 4… Continue reading Spring Onion Broth with Asian Salad

Family Friendly Food Ideas

Immunity Breakfast

I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, and I was sneezing. 'Oh no, no. NOT going to happen,' I said. My husband has had a cold and I know what could be going around. It's time for an immunity breakfast! The following came to mind... Lemon, cinnamon, honey, ginger, garlic capsules, vitamins, homeopathic… Continue reading Immunity Breakfast

Family Friendly Food Ideas

Red Lentil Lasagne

For a very nutritious and healthy meal the whole family loves, try my new version of meat-free lasagne made with red lentils and spinach. Red lentils are packed with benefits and are especially helpful for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, due to the high amount of protein and iron. Hard-working mums and dads will also benefit… Continue reading Red Lentil Lasagne